This project won the third price of the first "Etoiles du libre" contest organised by the Students Association of the University of technology of Belfort-Montbeliard in 2009

[GNU General Public License] This software is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.0 or any newer version


[Hide & Reveal]

Hide &Reveal is both an open-source steganography software and a java library distributed under the GNU GPL.

It is primarily designed for scientists wishing to experiment new hiding techniques or steganalysis on various carriers.

Display a presentation of Hide & Reveal and its internal steganographic library for more information.

Main features

  • Distributed under the GNU General Public License
  • Pure Java
  • Multi-threaded (why? Because it is possible!)
  • Allows to hide any type of file within BMP, PNG and TIF images (more carriers to come...)
  • Hiding and revealing assistants which include automatic hiding scheme selection
  • Uses all schemes (algorithms) provided by the org.steganography library
  • Customizable: pluggable algorithms and carrier types dynamically loaded at execution time (using an XML configuration file validated with XMLSchema)
  • Fully internationalized in english and french. More languages to come depending on contributors